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Our Story

Polish American Cuisine

The owners, Matt and Dorthy, are from a small village in the Tatra Mountains and have a family of three boys. Their dream was to open a Polish restaurant with the help of a talented Chef who could work with both their recipes as well as his own. Matt grew up with Paul as a child and knew Paul was the perfect person to help them realize their dream of serving a community a piece of their homeland. Dorthy, Matt, and Paul are kind, personal people who are eager to meet their guests and talk about their homeland.

Please feel free to say hello when you come in. 

We look forward to meeting you.

You can see an image of their town behind the chef images below. 

Executive Chef Paul & Sous Chefs

Paul, Nick, & Angel

Zakopane Gubałówka.jpeg

"We look forward to feeding & seerving you soon"

Chefs Experience

Paul - Executive Chef - 20 Years + "Red"

His innovative Polish cuisine has been serving Chicagoland for over 20 years. Paul studied to become a Chef in Poland and has followed his dreams to own an extraordinary Polish American restaurant, Nad Tatrami.

Nick - Sou Chef 15 Years + "Blue"

His career as an entrepreneur has included the opening of more than 20 successful restaurants and training a number of up-and-coming chefs to manage them.

Angel - Sou, Prep Chef 30 Years + "Red Apron"

In addition to his vast experience as a chef, Angel has served as a sous chef for many of Chicago's best restaurants.

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